How to DIY Social Media for your brand?

India is a country where the word Jugaad has originated and has now found a throne in the Official Dictionaires, and has sneaked its way to the management world via case studies. I see a correlation between Jugaad & DIY. Do you agree? DIY is a more polished word, if you would not like to be tagged with Jugaad word. Its how you feel about the concept!
Alright, now to do your own Social,  you have to be craftful and we as Indians, often resort to that methodology, thinking we can do all by ourselves. And that leaves us to the sorry state, or the not so perfect state. Not realising we would reap what we sow. The more efforts you put the more results you get. Today , when more and more niche segments are evolving, and when outsourcing has become so much easier, it is a matter of saving your time, efforts & money, really. Yes, it is fair to shy away from the price tag go agencies, but often you can find someone outside agencies, who are well versed with the online social media and help you grow your brand onliny.
Now as a social media manager of your own brand, be prepared to do the following:
  • writing and scheduling posts
  • running ads
  • replying to fans
  • creating graphics
Are you ready to all of it? Yes, Ok! then lets sail on.
Few steps to help you do your own Social Meida
  1. Create you strategy- do not do it for the sake of doing it.
  2. Target the platforms your customers are using.
  3. Learn to use some Tools for scheduling.
  4. Engage with your audiences via social media platforms
  5. Tailor your content to suit the platform you are using.
Most of the SMEs have a flat structure, meaning, they do not have no managers, and there should not be any. Buffer is at a team of 75, and it works wonderfully on lean management.
Now to understand the basic traits of the top 3 leading platforms, here is a crisp:
Facebook (page app)
  • Character limit- 63,206
  • Short copy works for clicks
  • Longer copy for engagement
  • Content type: Ask a question
  • Post a Quote from your content
  • Give a helpful list to your audiences
  • Image size- 1200×630
  • Post images, videos, and make use of the currently popular Facebook Live.
  • Top tools- FB Page manager app, Buffer, Hootsuite, Adverts
Character limit- 2200
Microblogging works on Instagram
  • Content type: Behind the scenes,
  •  Tips & Tricks
  •  Tutorials
  • Use relevant Hashtags (11 or more)
  • Encourage replies
  • Visual have to be very aesthetic
  • Image size- 1080×1080
  • Vertical 1080 px in width by 1350px
  • Horizontal 1080 px in width by 566px
  • Make use of Instagram stories, Geotagging, Go live
  • & make yourself explorable.
  • Top Tools- Buffer, Hootsuite, Planoly, Repost app
  • Character limit is 140
  • 100 ideal
  • CTA Vs Hashtags? what do you want ?
  • Accordingly, use 1 or 2 hashtags, or provide your link with the tweet
  • Image size- 440 x 220.
  • Use GIF, JPEG, PNG FILES in tweets
  • GIFS AND VIDEOS doing well this year
  • Word “New” works well for engagement
  • Use it to add value and not add to the clutter
  • Make lists to sort your feed
  • Top tools- Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Buffer
Analytics – make use of the analytics within each platform. The magic words to look out for are – Engagement, Reach Video views (10s and above for Facebook). Impressions & Likes are mere additions to the social proof.
Social Proof , (OMG , what is this now)
We shall cover it soon in another blog.
Meanwhile, if all this looks like an herculean task, trust me there is more to it. Reach out to me for some coaching or outsourcing your Social Media. Don’t worry , they would be in very interesting, promising & dynamic hands!  And receive a free DIY Social tool kit.


A learning freak, find inspiration in assisting others! Curiosity fuels my mind and persistence keeps me going. Loving family, husband &; mother to 2 rockstar girls make my world go round!

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