Short Vs Long Instagram Captions.

Write beautiful and longer captions for Instagram posts

Writing longer captions for Instagram posts

There came a disruption when I read Jeff Bulla’s this blog piece:

And what caused the conflict in my mind is this line:

On Instagram, you only have 60 seconds to explain your product and grab the attention of the audience, and writing long captions can be a major fail because it’s a platform where people share images and videos.

And I quite disagree with it and it made me reach out instantly to my VIP FB group with SubBZimmerman about this and she instantly replied giving vivid examples of why your Instagram descriptions should be longer.

I tweeted back to Jeff instantly:

Following are the beautiful examples which will inspire you to write longer captions for your Instagram posts :




Go through the above examples to reinstall your faith in writing beautiful copy for your Instagram posts, and reach out for some help to evolve your style in writing so that your followers know that its you, its your style.

Also learn how to “Create your Audience Personas” to aid in your overall marketing strategy.

I was inspired to do my Facebook Live video around the same topic, hence the Blog title.

Do watch and let me know what do you think.

Top things to remember while you draft your Instagram Captions ( I draft them on Evernote & Planoly & use Emojis that go with my brand colour)

  • The caption need not speak directly about the visuals that you re using, Get creative with it.
  • Explore your style of writing- detailed, descriptive, story telling, poetic ( yes why not), and also work on the tone and voice of your message.
  • Remember to add a Call to Action to your caption. Your CTA can be – DM me, Link in Bio, Register for the webinar/workshop/free takeaway/ book an appointment ( Link in Bio) , Tag your friends, Use Emoji based strategy to get comments on your Post, etc.  You may pick the posts you wish to add your CTA to.

So, to summarise it all, write beautifully so that your efforts show; Instagram is about telling your Brand Story.

Receive a Free Toolkit to “Analyse the Tone & Voice of your Content” , just fill in the form below with the Subject line: “Send me the Tone & Voice Analysis Toolkit”


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